The liquid diet to lose weight fast can be an excellent choice, especially if we start to lose weight or get us to lose a few kilos rebels.

One of the more popular weight reducing diets is the liquid diet. This diet has waned and waxed over time. At one time it became highly popular only to lose steam along the way. But just like any good thing, it won’t stay down forever. It’s staging another comeback and many health buffs are rediscovering its merits. Please read on and see for yourself whether this is the diet for you.

Some refer to the Liquid Diet as a fad. They may be right, but it has been around for many years and many dieters have enjoyed success. Liquids come in a variety of forms like soup or broth, fruit juice, tea and coffee, milk and of course the best of all; water. A liquid diet is not just a matter of increasing the liquid component of your diet and minimizing the whole foods you ingest – although this is a step in the right direction. There are considerations to take into count, such as the total calorie count, the sweetness of the food, and the number of calories one can consume.

Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

Liquid Diet for Weight Loss

There are many types of liquid diets: the grapefruit, among others, are the best known. In general, they tend to be for a few days-not more than two weeks and may vary, as some include any solid food, while others do not.

What to Eat In The Liquid Diet?

Although it may seem difficult to follow, which undoubtedly has its difficulty, the liquid diet to lose weight fast provides many options that can consume:

Vegetable Juice

Include strained vegetable juice or vegetable juice without pulp as part of a full liquid diet. Since most liquid diet foods use fruit, dairy or water as a base, drinking vegetable juice is an opportunity to add a different set of vitamins and minerals to what you eat. Vegetable juice is a healthy option and vegetable juice retains most vitamins and minerals in the juicing process, so drinking it is nearly as nutritionally sound as eating a dish that uses fresh vegetables.


Don’t neglect water as a valuable part of both a clear and full liquid diet. Arizona digestive health explains that water and other water-based clear liquid diet foods help maintain hydration, provide the body with electrolytes, and maintain energy when more substantial food can’t fulfill the same tasks.


Add broth-based soups without solid items and soft, pureed soups to a full liquid diet. Milk- and cream-based soups and soups with pureed potatoes can also be included. These items offer more nutrition and are more substantive than foods in a clear liquid diet.

Liquid Diet Plan

Liquid Diet Plan


Prepare plain gelatin dissolved in water as part of a clear liquid diet. The thicker consistency of gelatin can help add variety to a diet that is entirely liquid, and it may feel like more substantial food. Jackson Siegelbaum Gastroenterology clinic of Pennsylvania recommends adding high-protein gelatin to an extended clear liquid diet, as adhering to the diet for even a few days does not provide adequate calories, protein or nutrition.


Include calcium and protein in your daily full liquid diet by regularly eating and drinking dairy products such as milk, milk-based soups, yogurt, custard and ice cream or frozen yogurt. Though some of these products have high amounts of fat and calories, they provide the body with a greater amount of energy than many other liquid diet foods.